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Nalhati Town corresponding to Nalhati Municipality is a Thana Town of

 Birbhum district. It is a small town of 16 words and formed the municipality

on 2001. So it may be treated as a newly formed municipality prior to

 the establishment of this municipality it was under the establishment

 of erstwhile “A” and “b” Grampanchayat of Nalhati.  Subsequently it

 was necessary to meet the end of justice towards urbanization

 of the locality the government administration of the government

 of West-Bengal constituted this municipality considering its urban

 character with the members of the public.

This Municipal town of Nalhati stretches over on area over on area of 12 Sq.

Km. it is bounded by Khanpur village in North, Brahmani River in South,

Kalitha village in the East and Amali-Bahara village in the west.

Panagar-Moregram highway is passed over in the eastern middle portation


So the Nalhati town is linked by highway road and rail line (Eastern Railway) to

kolkata in easy process by different express Train by covering distance about 226

 Kilometer to the south. The Nalhati town is famous for “ Nalateswari Mondir” since

 its nature  from time immemorial and it is situated in the heart of the town, nearest

to Municipality Office. As such this town is visited by 200 people daily for such

Nalateswari Mondir. It has a historical importance for "Nalateswari deity" which is

within historic attitude of "51 pith" of “Sati Devi “following the puranic Mithology.